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Rathfarnham Day Care is proud to have a dedicated HR team, valuing employee development, engagement and well-being.

Our employees are the heart of the company and receive daily support from Team Leads and Managers, giving them a voice to address concerns, suggestions and training needs.

Rathfarnham Day Care invests in the children’s future and as such, we invest in our practitioner’s future; providing on-site specialist industry training, the opportunity to choose and attend external seminars twice a year and financial support to upskill to Level 6, 7 and 8 Childcare awards.

If you are looking for a career change and would like to discuss our job opportunities, please feel free to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Staff Testimonials

I love coming every day to a warm and caring work environment provided by dedicated staff and management. I have a lot of opportunities to develop my career by all the best training programs like Highscope, Active learning, Management behaviour etc. I feel confident in carrying all the activities that I consider to improve the development of my room and I have all the support I need from my supervisors and management. Every day work brings me pleasure and satisfaction and I am happy to work in Rathfarnham day care!

Ecaterina Letcae – Employee Since January 2014
Rathfarnham Daycare

Rathfarnham Day Care is a very encouraging company and staff are very positive minded. It is a friendly and welcoming environment and we have excellent resources available. They have provided me with great training courses since I have started and I have learned so much. It is a great team here and the managers and supervisors are always willing to help and advise if there are any problems.

Gavin Murphy – Employee Since July 2013
Rathfarnham Daycare

I am working in Rathfarnham Day Care over 7 years. What I like about my job is opportunity to progress, I started work as childcare assistant and I was promoted to supervisor role and at the moment I am holding manager position. I enjoy how busy I am every day. We do have great team in Rathfarnham Day Care and it is a pleasure to work with all the staff every day.

Marta Nastalczyk – Employee since August 2010
Rathfarnham Daycare

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