Every child in Ireland has a right to avail of free preschool. This is known as The Early
Childhood Care and Education Scheme (ECCE scheme). It is available to all children prior
to starting school. This funding is a recognition of how important early childhood care and
education is.

The following are helpful tips for you to help support your child to make
the transition to preschool a happy one.

  • Visiting your child’s preschool room before preschool starts can ease the entrance into an unfamiliar
    environment. It provides you with the opportunity to meet your child’s educator and ask about
    routines, curriculum, and daily activities. This is also an opportunity to discuss your child’s interests,
    preferences and particular needs.
  • Take time to fill in the ‘Getting to know you form’ with your child, which the preschool will give you.
  • Take some photos of the preschool environment (if possible) to make a book with your child so they
    can look over it during the summer. To read the rest of it please Download the PDF